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The S802C-K32 is a 2-pole High Performance Circuit breaker with K-Chara
cteristic, with cage terminal and a rated current of 32 A. It is a current limiti
ng device with a maximum breaking capacity of 25kA at 240/415V. It can b
e used for voltages up to 254/440V and in DC as well. It has two different tr
ipping mechanisms, the thermal tripping mechanism for overload protectio
n and the electromechanic tripping mechanism for short circuit protection.
The S802C-K32 complies with IEC/EN 60898-1 and IEC/EN 60947-2 and a
llows the use for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It has
numerous of approvals, therefore it can be used worldwide. The extensive
range of accessory makes the use of S802C-K32 more comfortable. Due to
the fast arc extinction of S802C-K32 your application will be secured.

Product Net Width: 54 mm
Product Net Depth: 82.5 mm
Product Net Height: 95 mm
Product Net Weight: 490 g

Standards: IEC/EN 60947-2
UL 1077
Number of Poles: 2
Tripping Characteristic: K
Rated Current (I ): 32 A
Rated Operational Voltage: 254/440 V AC
250 V DC
Power Loss: at Rated Operating Conditions per Pole 3.2 W
Rated Insulation Voltage (U ): 500 V AC
Operational Voltage: Maximum 230/400 V AC
Minimum 12 V AC
Rated Frequency (f): 50 / 60 Hz
Rated Ultimate Short-Circuit
Breaking Capacity (I ):
(240 / 415 V AC) 25 kA
(254 / 440 V AC) 15 kA
(250 V DC) 10 kA
Rated Service Short-Circuit
Breaking Capacity (I ):
(240 / 415 V AC) 18 kA
(254 / 440 V AC) 10 kA
(125 V DC) 10 kA
Energy Limiting Class: 3
Overvoltage Category: IV
Pollution Degree: 3
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage
(U ):
8 kV


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