Barton Assy Flow Meter,1X1In,Bf Series,Ind,2Pu@180

by Cameron
Dhs. 6,041.50
  • The Nuflo Gas Turbine Flow Meter Provides Accurate Gas Flow Measurement By Utilizing A Lightweight, Low Inertia Rotor To Sense Gas Velocity.
  • Its Output Frequency Has A Linear Relationship To Gas Velocity Over A Wide Flow Range.
  • The Meter Tracks The Flow Rate Continuously, Offers Little Resistance To Flow And Has A Unique Cartridge Design That Allows Removal Of All Internal Parts As One Assembly.
  • The Meter Exhibits Little Sensitivity To Gas Density Above Two Atmospheres Pressure.
  • The Low Inertia Of The Rotor And Vee Bearings Allows Overranging Of The Meter To Twice Its Rated Capacity Without Damage For Intermittent Flow Variations.
  • Designed For Maximum Life, Carbide Rotor Shaft And Bearings Require No Lubrication.
  • The Cartridge Assembly Makes Replacement And Inspection Of Parts Easy.
  • The Meter Is Designed For Installation Between Two Flanges, And Is Ideal For Measurement Of Fuel Gas, Production Gas, Vent Gas And Flare Gas.
  • The Digital Pulse Output Can Be Fed To Companion Readout Devices For Direct Measurement Of Flow Rate And Accumulated Throughput.
  • These Measurements Can Be Automatically Compensated For Pressure And Temperature To Obtain Volumetric Measurements In Standard Units.
  • Dimensions : 18x13x10 cms

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