Fairchild Pneumatic Pressure Regulator,20/900 Psi

by Fairchild
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PRODUCT NAME   : Fairchild Pneumatic Pressure Regulator

TYPE                      : Pressure Regulator

MODEL                  : 20/900 Psi

BRAND                  : Fairchild Pneumatic

MATERIAL             : Precision, Back Pressure, Miniature,
                                 Filter  Service, Stainless Steel,
                                 Motorized, Low Pressure                                                                                                            And Specialty.

 Dimensions            : 14.5x8x8.6 cms


Fairchild's Wide Selection Satisfies Your Instrument Or Industrial Control Applications.
Fairchild Pneumatic Regulators Are Available As: Precision, Back Pressure, Miniature, Filter Service, Stainless Steel, Motorized, Low Pressure And Specialty.
Fairchild Pneumatic Pressure Regulator,(20/900 Psi)


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