Fairchild Pneumatic Pressure Regulator,(10-300Psi)

by Fairchild
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Product name       : Fairchild Pneumatic Pressure Regulator

Type                      : Pressure Regulator

Brand                    : Fairchild

Weight                  : 0.873

Dimensions           : 14.5x8x8.6 cms


Product Note : Prices Subject to change with availability so please inquire first so as to get best price
Fairchild'S Wide Selection Satisfies Your Instrument Or Industrial Control Applications. Fairchild Pneumatic Regulators Are Available As: Precision, Back Pressure, Miniature, Filter Service, Stainless Steel, Motorized, Low Pressure And Specialty... Fairchild Pneumatic Pressure Regulator,(10-300 Psi) .Dimensions : 14.5x8x8.6 cms.


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