Penberthy Gasket For Level Gauge,Size 9H,(1Rh9),Material:Asb

by Penberthy
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Product name       : Penberthy Gasket For Level Gauge

Type                      : Level Gauge

Model                    : 9H,(1Rh9),Material:Asb

Brand                    : Penberthy

Weight                  : 0.028kg

Dimensions           : 34x6.5x0.1 cms


Gaskets For Transparent And Reflex Gage Glass Non-Asbestos Cushion Gasket. A General Purpose Gasket Material Suitable For Service In Hot Water, Mild Acids, Alkalines, And Inert Gases. Maximum Temperatures To 600°F And Pressures To 1200 Psi In Non-Steam Service. .Dimensions : 34x6.5x0.1 cms.


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