Barton Range Spring Assy. For Dpu (47"-55" Wc)

by Barton
Dhs. 1,291.00

Product name       : Barton Range Spring Assy

Type                      : Dpu (47"-55" Wc)

Brand                    : Barton

Weight                  : 0.085

Dimensions           : 11x11x3.5 cms


  • A Range Spring Assembly Provides Tension Against Applied Pressures. In Operation, Pressure Is Applied To Both Sides Of The Bellows.
  • Any Difference In Pressure Causes The Bellows To Move Until The Spring Effect (Range Springs) Balances Out The Force.
  • The Linear Motion Of The Bellows (Proportional To The Dp) Is Transmitted.
  • Stocked Ranges Of 0-10", 20-22", 39-46", 47-55", 97-107", 196-212", 246-258", And 384-400" W.C.
  • We Stock Sour Service Application Range Springs Only

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