Barton Range Spring Assy. For Dpu (384"-400" Wc)

by Barton
Dhs. 1,257.00

Product name       : Barton Range Spring Assy

Type                      : Dpu (384"-400" Wc)

Brand                    : Barton

Weight                  : 0.085

Dimensions          : 11x11x3.5 cms

A Range Spring Assembly Provides Tension Against Applied Pressures. In Operation, Pressure Is Applied To Both Sides Of The Bellows. Any Difference In Pressure Causes The Bellows To Move Until The Spring Effect (Range Springs) Balances Out The Force. The Linear Motion Of The Bellows (Proportional To The Dp) Is Transmitted... Stocked Ranges Of 0-10", 20-22", 39-46", 47-55", 97-107", 196-212", 246-258", And 384-400" W.C. We Stock Sour Service Application Range Springs Only

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