Sonceboz Mech. Chart Drive 2Hr/8Hr, W/ Key... ( Model#: 725R077 )

by Sonceboz Corp.
Dhs. 2,228.00

Product name       : Sonceboz Mech. Chart Drive

Type                      : 725 (R077) 725 Series Dual

Model                    : #: 725R077

Brand                    : Sonceboz

Weight                  : 0.463kg

speed                     : 2 Hr / 8 Hr. 2 Day

Dimensions           : 15x15x14 cms

Mbee Are Able To Supply Sonceboz Mechanical Chart Drives Which Appear In Many Circular Chart Recorders That Are Used In The Recording Of Pressure, Volume And Temperature Of Gases And Fluids,Chart Drives Were Designed To Operate Under Difficult Conditions. They Benefit From Robust Construction, Accuracy, And Reliability For Precision Measurements. The Unit Works And Comes With Its Wind Key.... Speed 2 Hr / 8 Hr. 2 Day Windused In Chart Recorders Measuring:* Pressure Of Gases And Fluids* Temperature Of Gases And Fluids* Volume Of Gases And Fluids Where:* Oil & Natural Gas Exploration* Geological Measurements* Pipelines, Wells* Diverse Gauges* Regulators* Etc.Minimum Order: 5 Pcs.



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