Cameron.Nuflo Ez-In Hardware Kit, Size 2" (Cl150#)

by Barton
Dhs. 499.00

Product name       : Cameron 9A-100003555: 2 Ez-In Hardware Kit,                                                                   Class

Model                    : 9A-100003555

Brand                    : Cameron

Weight                  : 1.835

Dimensions           : 22x21x11.5 cms


Cameron 9A-100003555: 2 Ez-In Hardware Kit, Class (Cl150#), Rf Flanges, For 2 Ez-In Flow Meter Containing Required Number Of Gaskets, Body Center Rings, Spreader Nuts, All Thread Bolts, Nuts For Use With 2 300/600# Rf Ansi Flanges (Flanges Not Included) Non-Ped .


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