Cameron Nuflo Mc-Ii Plus Exp Flow Analyzer, Without Lit. Battery

by Barton
Dhs. 6,495.00

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Product name       : Cameron Nuflo Mc-Ii Plus Exp Flow Analyzer

Type                      : Flow Analyzer

Brand                    : Cameron

Weight                  : 3.272

Dimensions           : 38x30x16 cms


 Nuflo Mc-Ii Plus Exp Flow Analyzer Nuflo Mc-Ii Plus Exp Flow Provides A More Robust Option For Calculating And Displaying Instantaneous Flow Rates And Accumulated Totals Based On A Turbine Flow Meter Input Signal. It Combines Ease-Of-Use And Functionality For A Truly User-Friendly Totalizer. The Liquid Crystal Display Simultaneously Displays Seven-Digit Totals And Six-Digit Rates, As Well As A Selection Of Commonly Used Engineering Units For Rate And Volume. The Calibration Is Implemented By Entering The Calibration Factor Of The Flow Meter And Selecting The Desired Units Of Measurement. It Automatically Calculates Its Own Divisor. It Is That Simple. It Even Lets You Input Gas Calculation Parameters And Self Calculates The Calibration Factor For Gas In Standard Cubic Feet. The Unique Combination Of Inputs And Outputs Allows Flexibility Of Use In The Field. The Mc-Ii Plus Exp Flow Analyzer Connects To A Turbine Meter Using Quick Disconnects. It Takes The Turbine Meter Signal Directly In, Without The Use Of Preamplifiers. A Remote Reset Input Allows The Total To Be Cleared From A Remote Computer. The User Can Select Either A 4-20 Ma Output Or An Amplified Flow Meter Frequency Output Which May Be Used By Remote Equipment To Calculate Flow Rates And Volume. This Explosion Proof Instrument Is An All-In-One Instrument. It Is Truly The Next Generation Of The Mc-Ii. .Dimensions : 38x30x16 cms.


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